The largest Black Awareness Day celebration in Brazil, the Afro Fashion Day, is a fashion, beauty and behavior event that culminates in a parade starring Salvador’s black models wearing clothing and accessories from Bahian brands.
Company: Rede Bahia de Comunicação | My role: Media Planner and Marketing Analist
Celebrating African culture
On Black Consciousness Day, Salvador celebrates African culture at a free event that mixes fashion, beauty, art, music and dance through workshops and a gastronomy and manufacturing fair in Pelourinho, emblematic neighborhood of Salvador Bahia.

Always at sunset on November 20, a parade features creations of local designers of clothing and accessories. There are 26 brands worn by 40 people, including models and black guests.

Afro Fashion Day is an accomplishment of company Rede Bahia,  with institutional support from the City Hall of Salvador, the State Government, through the Secretariat for the Promotion of Racial Equality (Sepromi), and the National Service for Commercial Apprenticeship of Bahia (SENAC-BA) .